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Int’l Conf. on Complex Information Systems (Rome/Italy)

Complexis2016COMPLEXIS 2016 will be held in Rome, Italy, April 22 – 24, 2016.
COMPLEXIS – the International Conference on Complex Information Systems, aims at becoming a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing innovative views on all aspects of Complex Information Systems, in different areas such as Informatics, Telecommunications, Computational Intelligence, Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Social Sciences. Information is pervasive in many areas of human activity – perhaps all – and complexity is a characteristic of current Exabyte-sized, highly connected and hyper dimensional, information systems. COMPLEXIS 2016 is expected to provide an overview of the state of the art as well as upcoming trends, and to promote discussion about the potential of new methodologies, technologies and application areas of complex information systems, in the academic and corporate world.
Conference Chair
Victor Chang, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom
Víctor Méndez Muñoz, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB, Spain
Oleg Gusikhin, Ford Research & Adv. Engineering, United States
Keynote Lectures
Peter Sloot, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands;
Complexity Institute Singapore, Singapore; ITMO St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Verena Kantere, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Muthu Ramachandran, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom and Gary Wills, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Bertalanffy: General System Theory -New edition

George Braziller published a new edition of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General System Theory” (GST) – a collection of publications representative for the life work of the father of a new approach to the understanding of the world and of a new practice for intervening in the world. That publication is an indication for the lasting and even recently LvB-GST-coverincreased interest of the public in the foundations of GST that ushered in a paradigm shift. The Bertalanffy Center was asked to provide an up-to-date foreword.