IFSR Conversation Proceedings 2014

IFSR is proud to be able to offer you now the Proceedings of the IFSR Conversation in Linz, Austria (April 2014) online! The proceedings contain extensive summaries of this 5-day event: 40 scientists divided into 6 Teams, discussed and analysed the following topics:
• ‘Quality Control’ of Model Development for Successful Systems Intervention
• Thrivable Systems – from Vision to Reality
• New Directions in Cybernetics
• Conversation – How Do We Identify Transcultural Metaphors?
• Philosophical Foundations for the Modern Systems Movement
• Systems Research

IFSR Constitution – Changed

At the IFSR Board Meeting on April 26, 2014 the Board has approved several changes to the Constitution. The Executive Committee of the IFSR believes that these changes will improve the operation and the dynamics of the IFSR.
The new constitution can be found on IFSR’s homepage .

Gerhard Chroust (IFSR Secretary General)
Important Changes to the Constitution were:
1) new Article 4 (12): The EC may Change the status of a Full Members
to Affiliate Members when it did not fulfill its financial obligations
(fee!) for 2 years.
2. New Article 9: inserting the rules for e-voting as article 9 as
accepted by the Board in April 2012.
3. Members of the Executive Committee have ONE vote in the
Board and in e-Voting.

IFSR Conversation 2014 – highly successful


The traditional bi-annual IFSR Conversation took place in St.Magdalena, Linz, Austria,  from April 27 to May 2.  40 scientists  came together in 6  groups  to discuss themes of high relevance to the field of Systems Thinking / Systems Engineering. This year’s themes were:

Board Meeting of the IFSR 2014



Board Meeting of the IFSR
SATURDAY, April 26, 2014, 10:30 -13:00
University Vienna building “W29″ , 2nd Floor, Room 7
1090 Wien, Währinger Straße 29
For Representatives of the Member Societies of the IFSR ONLY!