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A Systems Approach to the Creating Process

IFSR Newsletter 1988 No. 4 (20) October/November by Gyorgy Kampis and Vilmos Csanyi L Eotvos University, Evolutionary Systems Group Department of Behaviour Genetics Mailing Address H-1027 Budapest 3 Zasz K u 6, HUNGARY Abstract: The… Read more »

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IFSR Newsletter 1988 No. 4 (20) October/November

Table of Contents HERBERT A. SIMON’S COMPUTER-MODELLED THEORY OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY, Wolfgang Schinagl…1 A SYSTEMS APPROACH TO THE CREATING PROCESS, Gyorgy Kampis and Vilmos Csanyi…2 NEW PUBLICATIONS Kybernetes: An International Journal of Cybernetics and General… Read more »