Academy (IASCYS)

The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS)


1 Introduction
The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS) is supposed to be a body of activity of the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR).

IASCYS fills in the gap resulting from the failure of national and international academies of sciences and arts or learned societies (as British name this kind of organizations) to include systems and cybernetic sciences in their list of sciences and arts supposed to have their outstanding professionals included in academy membership. This situation makes systems and cybernetic sciences second class, although their contributions are enormous and backing many achievements in other sciences and real life practices.

IASCYS is aimed to honor and activate outstanding members of IFSR member-associations. While the traditional disciplines of science focus on their selected parts of the given reality of life and consider them from their more or less narrowly selected viewpoint/s, the systems and cybernetics theories and practices deal with a world-view of holism.1 Thus we tend to help humans to use requisite holism and attain the requisite wholeness and thus to cover the left-aside empty spaces between the spaces covered by individual (and not co-operating) traditional sciences.

Systems theories and cybernetics, in both theory and application, attain this mostly, although not in all applications of systemic and cybernetic principles, by enabling interdisciplinary creative Cooperation leading to insight into synergies and mastering of the processes and attributes of the given reality of life that the traditional sciences fail to cover. Thus, the otherwise resulting oversights tend to be replaced by new insights. This effort and its success tend to help humans as individuals, their organizations of any kind, and the entire humankind to attain more or even requisite
holism of behavior, made of monitoring, perception, thinking, emotional and spiritual life, decision making, communication, and action, and therefore to attain more success and well being.2

Added to this document – statutes – are also the official criteria for membership in IASCYS.

Nobody can run for membership in IASCYS as an individual, but only as a member in good standing of a member association of IFSR, and everybody can be suggested by his or her member association of IFSR in an official letter (by traditional or e-mail) with all official data on the candidate’s scientific and professional achievement that match