History: Starting the IFSR (Fuschl) Conversations (1982)

IFSR Newsletter, 1981, No. 1, Autumn

Professor Bela Banathy, Vice-President and Managing Director of the SGSR sends us the following:

“An invitational symposium is planned for April 5-8, 1982, in the Salzburg area (prior to the Sixth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research in Vienna). The symposium will introduce a five-year program development effort that would explore the contribution of systems science to global learning and the improvement of human conditions.

Co-chaired by Bela H. Banathy and George Klir, the symposium is sponsored by Intersystems Publishers”.

From Prof. Dr. R. Trappl, President of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies:

“On behalf of the Council of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies I have the gr..eat honour and pleasure to announce that its Vice-President, director of the International Contacts Secretariat and editor of the International Cybernetics Newsletter, Professor Francis de Paula Hanika, MA (Cantab) has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, by the City University of London. This degree will be presented to Prof. Hanika at the Congregation on 7th December 1981.

The Society wholeheartedly congratulates Professor Hanika on this very special honour and wishes the young doctor many years of fruitful’work in the area of cybernetics and systems research.”

  • IFSR will sponsor the meeting of the SGSR in January 1982 in Washington. The first meeting to get this stamp of approval.
  • The Ashby Memorial Lecture at this meeting will be both sponsored and funded by IFSR.
  • Criteria for membership are presently being worked out by members of the IFSR Board.
  • The publication of the Federation’s Journal is in active preparation; negotiations with publishers near completion.

School of Advanced Technology (SAT), SUNY, Binghamton, New York, USA

The comprehensive brochure of this institution, developed by Professor Klir, holds information of general interest to systems people, such as a clear exposition of the term “system” as interpreted at SAT and the ways in which the objective of developing both interdisciplinary analytical and problem solving skills are handled.

Faculty and their individual research interests, syllabi, etc. are listed as well as publications and particulars of Ph. D. graduates, 1976 to 1978.

  • Plans for building up a Library at HQ of selected material for the use of students and researchers. This is expected to include the General Systems Depository built up by Prof. Klir in his capacity as Editor of the International Journal of General Systems.
  • Among research plans presently discljssed is a “Who’s Who” of prominent systems/cybernetic scientists in various countries. Proposed by the ASCS with the support of IFSR.
  • The next meeting to be sponsored by IFSR is the International Working Conference on Model Realism, at Bad Honnef, near Bonn, FRG, on April 20/23, 1982, organized by the Gesellschaft fOr Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung.
  • The EMCSR 82, organized by the ASCS is under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Science and Research, Frau Dr. Hertha Firnberg, the Federal Minister for Health and Environmental Protection, Dr. Kurt Steyrer and the Mayor of Vienna, Dr. Leopold Gratz.
  • The Number of Newsletters reaching this office in growing. We hope to include a note on those distributed by the American Society of Cybernetics, the. London Cybernetic Society (UK), the Association Francaise pour Ie Cybernetique Economique et Technique (AFCET), and the Association de Cybernetique, Namur, in our next issue.
  • General Systems Methodology is to receive increasing emphasis on the part of the SGSR as indicated by the Symposia at their January 1982 meeting in Washington, and a Special Interest Group within the Society is devoting time to this theme
  • The Proceedings of the 1979 and 1980 Research Conferences of the Systeem Groep Nederland (Problem of Context, 1979) and Levels and Boundaries (1980) are available and can be supplied on request to the Systeem Groep Nederland’s Secretariat: Dr.. H. Dud, Erasmusplein 1,6500 HD Nijmegan, Holland.