“Systems Literacy” at IFSR Conversation 2016, Linz – Proceedings ava …

IFSR proudly announces:

“Systems Literacy” the  Proceedings of the IFSR Conversation 2016 (Linz 3.-8 April 2016) are available!

The 100-page volume contains a detailed record of the Conversation: 24 systems practitioners from 12 countries discussed face-to-face for 5 days various issues of “Systems Literacy”, i.e.  the role of systems and their models for humans and society. Divided in 3 teams the topics were:

* Exploring Transdisciplinarity using Hierarchy Theory, Boulding’s Skeleton of Science, and General Systems Theory

* Unity in Diversity – Making the Implicit Explicit

* Exploring the Relationship of Systems Research to Systems Literacy.

The volume contains  6 overview papers,  3 team reports, and a description of the IFSR.

Published by Book-on-Demand,  Germany  (www.BoD.de)  as hard-copy and e-book it is internationally available from many online bookshops (e.g. amazon).  Find a preview in IFSR-2016-Conv-proc-1-6

The price for the hard-copy edition  is approx. 14€  (16,50$), for the e-book    approx 6  € (7 $),

The full bibliographical information is:

Edson, M., Metcalf, G., Tuddenham, P., and Chroust, editors:  Systems Literacy – Proceedings of the Eighteenth IFSR Conversation 2016, SEA-SR  47. Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany, Feb. 2017.

Note: The book and e-book are copyrighted by BoD, therefore IFSR  may not provide free online versions.